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Have a clean desk policy and also try and systemize any repetitive tasks. Try and keep as much paper off your desk (apart from your schedule). Remove anything that is likely to cause distraction like books, gadgets (think cellphone!) and so on,

So working online from home gives you a lot of freedom, but the biggest danger is time wasting and procrastination. Follow these simple tips: Do your worst task first, create a schedule, stick to the times on your schedule, have days where you concentrate on one thing and one thing only, remove all distractions and keep everything as simple as possible.

You must stick to your schedule above all else. It's overlooked stopwatches online by so many people, but is one of the most powerful ways to remain focused and working online from home to build a great business.

Bonus Tip

Another great tip for staying focused is being part of a supportive and like minded community.
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